It costs a lot to run a business.

With the endless hours you’ve dedicated to growing your business, and the costly expenses to build it from the ground up, it starts to add up over time. And, your day-to-day tasks require endless energy consumption, from charging your laptop to printing off business documents, and even the basic essentials. Maybe it’s time you cut costs, and energy usage while you’re at it. 

With YellowBird Solar’s commercial solar panel systems, you can reinvent the way your business runs. By converting your business to solar, you’re taking a sizable portion of your monthly energy usage off the grid, resulting in a reduced electric bill every month. With our sustainable system installed onto your business’s roof, over half of your monthly kWh energy usage can be potentially generated with YellowBird solar panels. From there, you can let the panels do the rest, absorbing the sun’s rays, converting to AC energy, and generating clean, renewable energy. And with our sunny southwestern days, there’s never a shortage of sunlight. Your electric bill can be reduced by up to 70% depending on sunlight absorption, giving you the power to put valued business dollars back into your business.

With our cost-cutting solutions, your business will generate energy from the radiant sunshine, creating a renewable source of electricity to empower your business. In turn, your reliance on classic electricity is reduced, helping to diminish your impact on the environment and fight climate change.

Switching your business to solar doesn’t just save money and energy—it symbolizes a conscious effort to heal the planet and restore the environment. As a result, surrounding businesses, potential investors, and nearby citizens will take note of your shining panels, instilling a sense of accountability and mindfulness with your brand. For others who share the same commitment to sustainability, your YellowBird solar panels will serve as a connection to similar ideals. When these potential customers, investors, and partners recognize your eco-friendly focus, they will become attracted to your brand, driving new business and generating interest. Contact us now for a free, customized quote for your business’s commercial solar panel system.