It costs hundreds every month to keep your business running. Why not reduce that by 70%?

Choose local Las Cruces innovators, YellowBird Solar, to cut down on electric bills while cutting down on environmental impact.

It’s your business, run it the way you want. 

When you integrate solar panels onto your business’s roof, you’re opening up the possibilities for efficiency and savings for years to come. By moving your electrical system to your roof, you’re harnessing the endless power of the sun to energize your business. Instead of dealing with colossal electric rates that are completely out of your control, solar panels allow you to generate free energy right from the sky.
Beyond the monthly savings that occur when your electric bill is slashed in half, the invaluable appeal of going green won’t be ignored. By choosing to showcase solar panels on your business’s roof, you bring your environmental awareness front-and-center. That way, when potential investors consider joining your business, they’ll take note of your ability to stay globally-conscious and forward-thinking. Or, when customers drive past your building, they’ll see your panels and connect to your eco-friendly mindset, encouraging them to take a closer look. Going solar is a signal to investors, customers, and potential partners of your ability to think for the future, which is a good predictor of business longevity and success.