Community Solar,

YellowBird, and You

will Revolutionize Residential Electric Production in New Mexico.

Learn what Community Solar is and how you can benefit. 

How Community Solar Works:

  • New Mexico’s Community Solar Act (SB84) was signed into law in April 2021.
  • This Act allows independent solar producers (You) to provide energy to community consumers (Your Neighbors) through the electric grid. 
  • An Aggregator organization (YellowBird) keeps track of independent production and pays profit to the producers for their energy production.
  • Community consumers (Your Neighbors) are given credit through their everyday electric bills. 
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How you and other intelligent homeowners can take advantage of this opportunity:

Residential Producers utilize tax incentives to invest in their standard residential solar builds, enabling them to earn an excellent return while helping the community and environment. 

Typical Benefits to a participating residential producer

  • $500+ per month in income
  • 0 out of pocket expense
  • 100% Finance

*Qualifications include excellent credit, New Mexico Property Owner, and taxable income greater than $50,000 per year.

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How to Participate to Become a Residential Solar Producer.

01. Meet with a YellowBird Specialist 

Meet with a YellowBird Specialist  design a residential solar system to offset 120% of your prior year’s electric usage.

  • This design can be an expansion of an existing residential solar system.
  • You will need to have an electric bill available and the first two pages of a recent federal tax return or to know what IRS keeps in taxes from you each year.
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02. Design

Your YellowBird Specialist will design a more extensive solar system to be added to your property or separate property. YellowBird will include this design in its request for allocation to the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission.

  • The limit on this system is 5MW AC (usually about 40 acres of solar panels).
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03. Build, Steps, and Timing

Step 1
The initial system to meet your 120% limit can begin immediately. Most participants will make $500+/ month in this phase.
Step 2
The more extensive system will wait until allocations are granted (sometime in 2022). Hopefully, these systems can be installed before the end of 2022, depending on the NMPRC process. All aspects of cash flow, investment, and profit projections will be part of preparing the submittal for the allocations. These projects are generally 100% financed, so you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. With NMPRC approval, we will finalize all financing and begin construction.

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    Clients feedback

    Crew did a wonderful job installing solar panels.

    Crew did a wonderful job installing solar panels. The office staff on the solar side could be more responsive. Management was great explained everything that would occur. On 10/7. They sent out Mario Padilla and Mathew Salas to redo my electrical box. They did a great job and were very professional. It is people like this that make a company stand out.

    Perry Hicks

    You will be very happy with the service and the professionalism they bring to the job.

    I call them, in moments they gave me a quote. Just a few days they had technicians out (Hector and Izzy). These guys came in and gave me a full breakdown of how the system was going to be installed, how to maintain it and How to operate it. On top of all of this they were super professional during the entire install. They also went above and beyond to make sure the entire thing was installed perfectly. Even going as far as letting me ask as many questions as I could and answering them with full information. I would recommend that anyone who is thinking of doing a heating/refrigerated install uses Yellow Bird and when you do ask for Hector and Izzy personally. You will be very happy with the service and the professionalism they bring to the job. Thank You Hector and Izzy!!

    Rion Osborne

    Full Solar and AC package

    Hector, Isaac and crew were amazing! We got the full solar and AC package from Yellow Bird and they were prompt, clean, and did an excellent job. 20/10 would recommend.

    Cassandra Marie