Your home is your safe space, where your family gathers to live, play, and even work. Every day, countless kilowatts of energy are generated to keep your house running, but what if that energy could be created without emitting harmful gasses, and without a monthly bill?

With YellowBird Solar’s residential solar system packages, you have the power to convert your home to solar and reduce your electric bill by up to 70%. Yes, you heard that right. Over half of your monthly electric bill could cease to exist with a solar panel system, allowing you to harness the endless energy found within the sun’s rays. 

In the scenic state of New Mexico, there’s no such thing as a shortage of sunlight.

In fact, New Mexico is rated second in the nation for solar energy behind Arizona, due to our overwhelming abundance of sunshine. With 350 days of sunlight every year, it pays to be a Las Cruces citizen.

Why not take advantage of that?

By converting your home to a YellowBird solar panel system, we vow to deliver lasting sustainable solutions that result in invaluable savings. With a 25 year warranty on our panels and the possibility to save over $100 each month in electric bills, the lifetime savings of switching to solar are in the thousands. In fact, you can save over $30,000 throughout your solar system’s lifetime, putting your hard-earned money back in your pocket.

Beyond saving money, switching to solar saves the planet.

Standard electric systems rely on electric companies to generate electricity that burns coal and gas, emitting harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. But with YellowBird Solar, your electric system is pollution-free, waste-free, and guilt-free, allowing you to create renewable energy without harming the planet.