Here at YellowBird Solar, we believe that renewable energy should be accessible and affordable to all.

With competitive price matching, free solar quotes for your home or business, and compassionate customer service, YellowBird Solar is a ray of light in the solar world. 

We’re committed to developing sustainable solar solutions that reduce wasted money, energy, and time, helping your wallet and the planet at the same time. Our goal is to create a cleaner planet while giving our clients the ability to save their hard-earned money.
With YellowBird Solar on your side, your electric bills can be drastically reduced by 46% or more—that’s nearly half of your monthly bill! With YellowBird solar, we promise to save you $100 every month on your electric bill. If you do the math, that bill reduction over your panels’ 25-year lifespan adds up. Over your solar system’s lifetime, you can save over $30,000!

On top of the monthly savings, you’ll receive by switching to solar, you can receive government rewards for going green as well.

With the Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC), you can claim up to 30% of your solar panels installation cost and purchase on your federal taxes. Paired with our unbeatable prices and expertise, it pays to go solar with YellowBird Solar. 
With our ever-growing electric rates in El Paso and Dona Ana County, it can be hard to stay on top of your monthly payments. Electric rates rise every year, and in El Paso County alone, rates were at an all-time high with a 20.25% increase in 2017. Maybe it’s time you found a better way to generate energy and keep your home running. Put the power back in your hands with YellowBird Solar.