Cut utility costs

Solar energy can reduce your electric bills by up to 70%, harnessing the free and unlimited resource of sunlight to energize your home or business.     

Reduce environmental impact

By harnessing the power of the sun’s rays, solar panels create renewable energy that doesn’t require burning coal or gas, which when released into the atmosphere, causes global warming.

Gain government tax breaks

The Federal Solar Tax Credit, or ITC, allows you to claim 30% of your solar panel purchase and installation costs on your taxes, allowing you to pay even less for this prized technology.

YellowBird Solar Panels

Join the solar shift in Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces, New Mexico is a leading city for solar energy sustainability. Due to our abundance of sunshine and clear skies, we’re ranked #2 in the nation for solar capabilities. To make the most of these sunny days, convert your home’s system to solar energy today. 
The City of Las Cruces has decided to make the switch as well. By 2050, the Las Cruces government has vowed to become 100% dependent on solar and wind energy. Maybe it’s time you followed suit. 
YellowBird Solar

Why Choose Us?

Local roots with global impact.

 YellowBird Solar is a locally-owned Las Cruces company with a long history in heating and cooling. With an expert team on board who’s well-versed in both traditional and solar electricity, making the transition to renewable energy is a breeze. And, our compassionate drive to help make the world a greener place means we’re constantly updating and evolving our solar systems. From choosing the most efficient panel material type to offering a complete solar package, and even providing ongoing maintenance, YellowBird Solar is focused on efficiency first.

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