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26% Federal Tax Credit

10% NM State Tax Credit



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26% Federal Tax Credit

10% NM State Tax Credit


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26% Federal Tax Credit

10% NM State Tax Credit

15% - 37% Special Incentives

Special A/C Incentives

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sustainable Solar

Welcome to YellowBird Solar, your top source for sustainable and renewable energy. Here at YellowBird, we’re focused on creating lasting solutions to reduce wasted energy, money, and time, paving the way to a brighter future for all. By providing forward-thinking processes with a streamlined solar panel installation, we’re helping our people and planet one panel at a time. 

YellowBird Solar is unlike any solar panel company on the market for one shining reason: our unwavering commitment to constant evolution and growth. With our roots starting in standard heating and cooling, we understand the ins and outs of the systems of the past. With our professional insight and experience, we have an unrivaled understanding of these complex processes, making for a smooth transition from standard to solar. That way, when you’re ready to make the switch to solar energy, you can put your faith in YellowBird Solar. Because of our deep passion for renewable energy, we’re constantly learning more about the newest solar energy technologies. That way, we can always provide our customers with sustainable solutions that remain innovative while cutting costs. 
YellowBird Solar will always remain undeniably loyal to our customers. Through growing families, changing budgets, and evolving needs, we’re here every step of the way. As your needs evolve, so do we. When we promise to deliver efficient solar panel solutions, we promise to ensure those solutions are there to last. Our bottom line is saving you money, energy, and valued time. If we’re not doing that, we’re not doing our job. Give us a call today to see how our sustainable solutions will work for you.
Solar Panels

And don’t forget, the government rewards you for going solar.

With the Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC), you can claim 30% of your solar panels purchase and installation costs on your federal taxes, making for even more savings from solar. 

On top of the ITC, many states offer state tax credits, property and sales tax exemptions, solar rebate payments, and more. Combining the affordable installation rates with the abundance of bonuses thanks to the government, going solar has never made more sense.

Learn more about tax credit savings and programs here.

YellowBird Solar Panels

sustainable Solar Made Simple

Solar panel technology is a relatively new concept for many, so we feel it’s important to break down just how it works. 

In the morning, the sun rises, thus generating free renewable energy. This renewable energy is absorbed into your solar panels, which then convert the sunlight into DC current. From there, the solar inverter will convert the DC electricity into AC. As they charge up, your system will generate large amounts of energy as the sun’s rays strengthen and shine.
By the afternoon, your YellowBird Solar panels will be working at top capacity, generating enough renewable energy to possibility keep you off the grid (if energy usage matches solar energy creation). With the electric panel distributing the required amount of electricity needed to power your home, you can sit back and let solar do the job. From there, your utility meter measures the electricity consumed and flows it back to the grid. And, any excess energy produced is credited back into the grid, which could potentially result in your electric company owing you. 
After sunset, your solar energy is done working for the day. Any excess solar energy produced throughout the day can be used to generate electricity throughout the night, if batteries are set up. Since household activity is usually at a low during the later hours, your electricity use will be minimal.

 we make it easy!

Why is YellowBird Solar the best option for you?


  • Someone who’s tired of paying rising electric bills every year, despite your energy usage staying relatively constant. 
  • Someone who believes in the power of contributing to the greater good, and sees that power in solar energy.
  • Someone who understands the devastating impact of climate change, and wants to help diminish that impact.
  • Someone who wants to take back control of their home or business.

YellowBird Solar

  • An efficient, cost-cutting solution that can reduce your electric bills by 40 – 70%. 
  • A dedicated and passionate team who believes in making the planet a cleaner place for all.
  • A globally-conscious company who’s taking active steps to address and diminish greenhouse gas production from burning coal and natural gas.
  • An organization made up of real consumers, who like you, believe that your home or business should be run the way you want.

Simply put, YellowBird Solar is fit for you because we understand exactly who you are. You care about collective efforts to help the environment, but you don’t care about commanding organizations who control your life. 

Instead of handing over your hard-earned money to a massive electric company who has their best interests in mind, put it back into your home. By harnessing the power of solar energy, your monthly utility bill is cut in half, giving you the freedom to use your money the way you want. 

YellowBird Solar gives you access to an unlimited resource commanded by you, and you only. And best of all, while you’re generating renewable energy without relying on large electric companies, you’re helping progress sustainable efforts to diminish the effects of climate change.

A better system for you means a better world for all.

Sustainable Solar!